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Hi, I’m Heidi MacLachlan, professional embroiderer and digitizer.  I’ve been sewing professionally since 1993, embroidering since 1997 and digitizing since 1998.  My goal is to provide excellent service and fantastic embroidery.  

You can contact me using the form below.  You can also contact me through my Heidi Mac Embroidery page on Facebook.  I do my best to respond to all submissions within 24 hours.  

​If you do not get a response from me (sometimes my email provider thinks it is smarter than it really is), please contact me through Facebook. 
 I can be found under Heidi Mac Embroidery.

Please understand I do my own digitizing of designs and will not respond to solicitations from anyone offering their services.  If you are looking for someone to digitize designs for you to embroider however, I am happy to be of help.

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